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Bad Cat 09/2016

This is our very first game Bad Cat! The object of the game is to break everything in sight without getting captured by any of your enemies (dogs, people, scientists, etc.) The game isn’t terribly long, but you might be able to get a laugh or two out of it. Plus every half of every purchase goes toward helping animals in need!

Bad Cat DX 12/2016

This is our second game Bad Cat DX! We wanted to have a computer and mobile release for Bad Cat, but ran into problems with the limits using the RPG Maker Engine to design Bad Cat (RPG Maker MV is great, but not for making action mini-games!) So we decided to try the Godot Engine and this is the result! You can find the app on the Google Play Store for free. It has ads, but it should offer a fun and exciting experience!

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Balloon Cat DX 04/2017

This is our third game Balloon Cat DX. This game was inspired by a track composed by Jim Kulakowski. You can listen to the track here on youtube. Also, you can take a visit over to Jim's page and listen to some of his other music!

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